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1st formal Edition of the CD of Plant Biographies (or Plant's Eye View of the Planet and Man). About 1000 extra pages which include a dramatic expansion of R genera plus other additions and changes.


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Family Genus Species Common Name
Apiaceae Selinum graveolens DILL
Apiaceae Sison trifoliatum GOLDEN ALEXANDERS
Apiaceae Sanicula marilandica AMERICAN SANICLE
Apiaceae Selinum officinale HOG'S FENNEL
Apiaceae Selinum petroselinum GARDEN PARSLEY
Apiaceae Selinum ammoides BULLWORT
Apiaceae Smyrnium luteum GOLDEN ALEXANDERS
Apiaceae Smyrnium acuminatum GOLDEN ALEXANDERS
Apiaceae Sison aureus GOLDEN ALEXANDERS
Apiaceae Selinum fistulosum TUBULAR WATER DROPWORT
Apiaceae Selinum anethum DILL
Apiaceae Scandix odorata SWEET CICELY
Apiaceae Smyrnium aureum GOLDEN ALEXANDERS
Apiaceae Selinum archangelica GARDEN ANGELICA
Apiaceae Sium segetum CORN PARSLEY
Apiaceae Selinum myrrhis SWEET CICELY
Apiaceae Sison canadense HONEYWORT
Apiaceae Scandix cerefolium GARDEN CHERVIL
Apiaceae Selinum lachenalii PARSLEY WATER DROPWORT
Apiaceae Seseli segetum CORN PARSLEY


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