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1st formal Edition of the CD of Plant Biographies (or Plant's Eye View of the Planet and Man). About 1000 extra pages which include a dramatic expansion of R genera plus other additions and changes.


Your Involvement

We welcome your involvement in the Project.

Please do contact us ( :

            if you know of any relevant interesting anecdotes, poems or sayings, or you have any photographs you think would enhance existing text, ie. of species, people, events, places, objects, etc. mentioned in the Biographies; and/or
            you might have come across an unusual harvesting practice, a ritual or festivity not as yet referred to or, come to that, a use by a human being or an animal which is not mentioned so far.
            Equally we not only welcome your constructive comments on the existing entries but also invite you to let us know of a particular species you would like to see researched (if we are able to in the future) and why this is of special interest to you.

Do remember though to tell us the species to which your communication applies.


The Small Print
Any information, photographs, drawings etc. submitted by you for the website (and CD) are received upon the understanding that such material is unencumbered and is yours to submit (see Terms and Conditions under Contact and About Us). They will be scrutinized by appropriate experts and/or compared with authoritative sources before consideration by the editor for inclusion in Plant Biographies (in whichever format). Photography will be attributed to you as appropriate and you will retain copyright. Significant prose/poetic contribution may be attributed following the Dedications (under Contact and About Us)



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